Benefits of Risk Assessment for Enterprise

Cyber risk is unavoidable, every business faces it, and the forward-thinking businesses take steps to minimize it. Support Doctor’s certified experts understand that risk comes in many forms, and that every business’s cyber exposure is unique, and no company can fully understand its exposure without a comprehensive, professionally executed risk assessment.

Enterprise security is how a business protects itself and its assets from unauthorized access and use. It includes securing data across a business’s internal network, including with remote employees, and securing connections with the internet.

Support Doctor classifies enterprise cybersecurity risk into the three threat classes of network threats, email threats and insider threats. Every enterprise is exposed to all three security threats. How an enterprise is exposed to each security threat determines what our experts’ determine are the business’s risk against that threat, and our experts use all three threat classes to assess the enterprise’s overall risk profile.

Network Threats

Many people think cyber risk begins and ends with network security, even though this is just one critical component of the process.

Network security is everything that contributes to keeping a business’s network safe from selecting the right hardware and performing regular updates, to maintaining firewalls and VPNs and actively scanning for threats. A risk assessment will detect the relative strength of each of these areas and how they intersect. Only through a comprehensive risk assessment can Support Doctor’s experts identify if a business’s network architecture creates risks for cyber-attacks.

Infographic of network threats

Email Threats

Email is one of the greatest vulnerabilities for any enterprise’s cyber risk. Frequently, email is where businesses connect with outside data that may pose risks, and it is the most likely place for targeted cyber-attacks to begin. Phishing attacks, malicious emails that manipulate recipients to enter personal information on a website or to click a link with malware begin with an email designed to look legitimate and trick the recipient.

A risk assessment is the first step to improving email security and not becoming the next victim of a phishing scam. Support Doctor’s risk assessment examines a business’s Office 365 or Google Workspaces email configuration to see if these critical systems are performing properly. Our experts also check device management protocols to verify if laptops, tablets and phones (especially personal devices) are increasing the threat profile.

Insider Threats

Insider threats rarely try to hurt a company, or even take any deliberate actions to create a security threat. More often, the insider threat comes from people going about their ordinary, daily activity with a lack of training and awareness around cyber security. People are the greatest cybersecurity risk any enterprise faces, and the human element is why technical security is effective, but it is only one part of any risk assessment. People need to use their VPNs, not connect to unsecure Wi-Fi and practice good email habits. Support Doctor’s certified experts take our standard risk assessment beyond industry standards and include the human element of risk and assess a business’s insider threat risk.

A risk assessment is a starting point, and it is only as useful as being able to act on the recommendations. Contact Support Doctor for a complimentary risk assessment. Our experts will thoroughly check each risk class and guide you through detailed recommendations to improve and strengthen your IT security.