Got a tech issue? Refer to the guides below for quick assistance! If the problem persists after the steps listed, open a ticket by emailing and a technician will reach out as soon as possible within normal business hours.

1. Verify Network Connectivity: Check that your device is connected to “ALX Waterfront” or “ALX Community IronWifi”.

2. Verify that your network connection has internet access. (Most devices usually let you know if they cannot connect to the Internet) 3. If your device is connected to the correct network and has internet access, close and restart your web browser and then try using a different web browser to access the web.

4. Disconnect/reconnect to Wi-Fi network (forget network/join again on MacOS)

1. Verify that your device has the correct USB port for Barco to connect.

2. If you don’t have the correct port, use a provided adapter to connect.

3. Try reconnecting the Barco system to the computer using the same port, or to a different port if one is available.

4. If Barco continues flashing red and fails to connect (solid white), then start the Clickshare software manually by clicking on the appropriate file within the drive.